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On our blog you can play for free World of Solitaire. This is remake of well known classic card game Solitaire, it contains other versions of the game as well, such as: one and three card mode games, Freecell, Wasp, Yukon, Scorpion, Spiderette, Spider and other different variations as well. In order to play this game you don’t have to install anything, all you need to do is to visit us at and play game online, right from your browser.

World of SolitaireMain objective of the game as you know is too change the deck in the right way to form four foundations. You can achieve it by moving pile of cards and you will also need luck. Keep in mind game has counter so do your best to waste as little time as it is possible.

I must say World of Solitaire looks pretty awesome, graphics are smooth and attractive and majority of green color helps you to relax your eyes. It is also very comfortable that apart from the main version of the game it includes other variations as well. From single site you can enjoy all popular modes of the game, it is really useful feature.

Probably best place to play this card game is from you work, whenever you get bored in your office simply type in browser and you are good to go. You can kill some time with this game and also relax little bit, just make sure that your boss won’t notice it LOL.

In order to navigate and control the game all you need is mouse, select your game mode click with left mouse button and after that select your cards, pretty simple right?

I think game has twenty two different variations in total, if you will find one of them boring you can always switch to another game mode and try it, I’m sure you will find suitable version for you.

Keep in mind that game requires strategic thinking from you, there are different ways to approach it and make sure that you change your methods when things don’t go in your way. Luck is also another feature which you will need in World of Solitaire.

Those of you who enjoy card games will find this browser based Solitaire game simply brilliant and entertaining. Make your work day at office more enjoyable with it and share your thoughts with us below.